Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Exposure Ninja

Exposure Ninja is a new type of marketing company. Through working with my freelance clients, I noticed that small and medium sized businesses had very few options if they wanted to expand their visibility online. Traditional ‘digital agencies’ operated in a way that didn’t really serve the SMB: with pitch meetings, huge offices and services that just weren’t designed for anyone other than huge corporates, their prices are totally unrealistic for the small business. Then, at the other end of the spectrum there are the low-end boiler room cold calling companies hard-selling PPC management and low quality SEO on minimum term contracts, and delivering nothing (or worse).

What was needed is a good value marketing company that actually works. Exposure Ninja clients have access to a ‘virtual marketing department’ that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford, and on-tap expertise on par with any marketers in the world. We’re big on transparency as we noticed that business owners like to know where their marketing budget is going – no surprises there – and we see it as our responsibility to educate our clients about the strategies we’re using so that they’re always totally in control of their exposure.

To make this level of marketing affordable to small and medium sized clients, we need to keep costs as low as possible in all areas that don’t directly affect the quality of our service. We do this by allowing – and even encouraging – our Ninjas to work from anywhere they choose (we actually found productivity amongst these ‘free range’ Ninjas to be 50% higher than the battery variety). This lifestyle appeals to the very best, which means we’re able to hire some of the savviest marketers around without having to pay everyone to commute to London every day. We don’t bother with pitch meetings and lengthly proposals, which would have to be paid for in higher fees. Instead, we analyse your market and your current marketing, we put together a plan to achieve your goals, then we talk through it in a video that we send you. You’ll know within minutes if it’s right for you, and we’re happy to come and meet you if it’s likely to be a good fit.

And it seems to be working. In our first five years, we’ve grown to 60 Ninjas, and our client retention is sick. We’ve learned a lot (and it’s been a personal challenge growing at this pace) but it’s great fun and we’re not done yet.

Our goal is to be ‘The World’s Highest Profile and Most Awesome Marketing Company For SMBs By 2018’ and we’re well on target.