Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Entrepreneur Musician

Frustration at seeing the lack of good quality marketing and business training available to musicians either in Universities and Colleges or elsewhere led me to have a bit of a crazy moment and set a goal to help 1,000 musicians go professional doing what they love.

I plugged my mic into my laptop and made a quick video that turned into the DVD: The 6 Deadly Sins That Keep Most Musicians Poor and within a month the 10-DVD Entrepreneur Musician Blueprints Course arrived kicking and screaming into the world. I washed off the placenta, put it in envelopes and started posting it out.

Hanging out with musicians on webinars, through emails and checking out cool new websites and ventures from the EM’ers is so much fun.

I’m not at 1,000 yet so I’ll be plugging away for a while yet, absolutely loving it.