My Story

After leaving uni, I decided to make a go of professional drumming. I spent a couple of years developing something called Online Session Drumming, where I’d record for bands and musicians around the world from my home studio. To do this, I had to learn to market myself effectively by building websites, getting to the top of Google, and learning how to advertise. I wrote a book introducing this way of recording which got extensive coverage in the drumming press, filmed 19 DVDs, ran 2 newsletter and membership clubs, and the method went on to become a way of life for hundreds of musicians around the world.

It turned out that I quite enjoyed the advertising and websites bit of the job, even when I got bored of the drumming. My next door neighbour at the time was a plasterer in need of extra work so I built him a website. The effect this website had on him spurred me to start JobDoneWebsites, which went on to become the UK’s leading tradesman-only marketing company.

The next book was How To Get To The Top Of Google, written because I was fed up reading such basic SEO books full of boring regurgitation about what not to do. As this book started to pick up popularity (improving the cover design got it on bestseller lists), the volume of enquiries the book was generating became too many for me to handle with my small team. We began to expand and Exposure Ninja was born in September 2012.

More books followed and as Exposure Ninja’s profile has grown, we’ve been hiring quickly to keep up. We opened an office in Nottingham to use as a meeting and training space, although we nearly all work from home as we’ve found productivity to be significantly higher.

For me personally these last few years have been a lot of fun. Learning to run a 40-person company having never had a ‘proper’ job has meant lots of trial and my fair share of error, but it’s such an honour to work with so many awesome people and it’s a privilege to be Head Ninja.

I still play drums with my band Mister Kanish. We recently won a french TV show called ‘The Cover’, to find the world’s best covers band, with a million french people deciding that our banjo-ey version of Happy was fluffed well enough to be crowned!

In May 2015, I married the love of my life, Katie. We gave birth to two kitten children, Ninja and Samurai.