Tim Cameron-Kitchen
Tradesmen’s Websites

This all started when I met Ben. Ben was my next door neighbour in Tiverton and a plasterer by trade. He mentioned that he wasn’t getting any work from the internet, so I built him a website, set up some ads and did a bit of promotion.

He started to get work from it, and word started to spread.

Within 4 months, I had built around 40 websites for plumbers, electricians, scaffolders, roofers, builders…

Job Done Websites is the result. A website company specialising in building sites for tradesmen. We know this market, we understand how to promote them effectively and we have it down to a fine art. Having become known for our ability to get websites to the front page of Google often within a week (and sometimes literally overnight), this business has been featured in Professional Builder and PHAM (Plumbing, Heating and Air Movement) Magazines.

It’s a growing area and as Google continues to move the goalposts and the tradesmen continue to look for that one magic advertising source to replace Yellow Pages, Job Done is there to get them online and attracting work.

If you’d like a free copy of DVD I’ve produced titled ‘A Tradesmen’s Guide to Getting Work from the Internet’, sling me an email: tim@timkitchen.com